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A little about Tina and Stuart and the new website


Tina and Stuart have worked together for more than 19 years. Throughout the years, their focus has traditionally been on the balance between the personality and the spirit.


With good grounded insight into our life together and a strong sense of unity, we have a great understanding of how trust and security functions in human relations. We help you get a better understanding of yourself, your perceptions, feelings and actions.

We create space for your development - in joy and transformation.


Tina's work in therapy with the technique psycho-spiritual guidance has developed her already keen intuition and empathy. She brings her own unique way to use coaching to help. Tina is a very noble present and caring person who supports and guides people to find their personal insights and understanding of their lives.


Stuart works as a trance medium and teacher. He - along with his spiritual teacher who speaks through him - has written two books. He has worked with Tina and helped develop many courses and workshops in development and communication which over the years have been the setting for numerous peoples growth. Stuart is a warm and caring person, who with his presence and his openness has supported many in reaching their spiritual goals.

With our new website, we hope to create a community with heart. A place of light and life, where we in the community create understanding learning, cohesion, and joy.


Here you have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded and seeking people in a forum of trust and transparency.


We have therefore added, "Your Spiritual Forum". As a member, you can exchange ideas and opinions about everything that is on the website, and have a DIALOGUE with us and other members about your thoughts.

We look forward to meeting you in "Your Spiritual Forum".

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