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Touching Consciousness

The place for spiritual development. Trance channeling, courses, therapy, travel, etc..

1. Prices

All prices include 25% VAT.


2. Order Confirmation / Receipt

We recommend that you print the order confirmation / receipt. The order confirmation serves as your documentation if any complaint may be necessary.


3. Payment and Security

It is both easy, cheap and 100% safe to pay by credit card over the Internet. At present, we use Paypal as our payment gateway, but are working on any alternative option so that you can use your credit card directly.

Read more about payment security below.

When you send your payment details are encrypted using a special technology called SSL. So there is no opportunity for others to access the data and data is not saved or stored. The amount of the subscription preferred automatic once a month, and you continue the approach to the sides as long as you want to be a member. There can never be deducted an amount greater than what you have approved the acquisition.


4. Delivery

Delivery: With it together, as it is a subscription, you get access to the pages as soon as you have paid and will return to the site, the code is pressed and you have access to all materials.


5. Termination of membership

If you cancel your membership you can to be time terminate membership. However, upon termination can not be paid money back.


6. Complaints

Is given by købeloven a warranty of 24 months on all products. The warranty means that you, the customer can complain about the deficiencies of the product which occurred until 24 months after purchase. However, it is a prerequisite that these defects are not caused by misuse of the product or other injurious behavior that has led to shortages. You must claim within a reasonable time after you have found the defect. If you claim within 2 months are always punctual. We will refund reasonable freight costs that you may have in connection with the return of goods when the complaint is justified. When you return the product, please always send a copy of the invoice.


7. Personal information

All information is used only for your subscription and stored in our bookkeeping in 5 years. This is done purely to fulfill the statutory accounting requirements for storage and documentation. We guarantee that we never sell, rent or lend personal data to third person.


Your e-mail address is used only for sending our newsletter and other information which may interest you. Here, too, we guarantee that we never sell, rent or lend your email address to third person.


8. Help

To patronize Touching Consciousness is quite simple.


Click "Join" button on one of the sides.

Click on the yellow button "Subscribe"

You get to Paypal

Follow Paypal instructions on account upright else


When you are finished with Paypal you will be taken back to our website, shortly after you receive the email with the code for member pages.


If you have problems or questions, please send an email to or call us at tel. 27,516,402th


9. Disclaimer

All material on is of a general nature and is therefore not addressed to individual or specific counseling needs. Touching Consciousness can not be held responsible for any loss, whether direct or indirect, that the user may suffer by using the information


10. Copyright

The copyright or the right to use articles, photographs, text, product descriptions, etc.. published on this website belong Touching Consciousness. If you want to quote or reference material from must Touching Consciousness cited as the source.


Touching Consciousness

Phone: 27516402

Established: 2000

CVR number: 14 08 30 49

Account No .: 4703-11243355

Consciousness Shoping


Our first attempt to establish an online business that sells video and audio files channeled

by the American, Johan and Jock, and, ultimately, some solid products.

There will be new video / audio files up every month (they contain channeling or meditation).


Since it is in its infancy, we have been decided to to use systems that we can handle, without compromising safety.


One of the elements that we are unable at present to change, is that prices are in Euros, but we keep prices low to compensate for any exchange difference.








How to buy our audio / video files


1. Select the file you want and press the button

2. Fill in your email address.

3. Enter your card details and press pay.


A new window opens, and in it you can download the file to your computer or mobile.

You will also  recieve an email with a direct link.

Once youhave  downloaded your file, then it is yours forever, and you can hear it as often as you like.

Remember to download the file within 24 hours!


In the shop, you can a freely preview the first minute of all files.


Important info for iPhone and iPad users

An iPad / iPhone does not allow downloading of files. One can only open and hear them.


If you would like to have our files on your iPad / iPhone / iPod you have 3 different ways to do so.


Method 1:

Download the free App (iDownloader) so you can then save the file on your iPhone / iPad.


Follow the guide at the bottom of the receipt you recieve in the e-mail.


Method 2:

You can download the files to your computer, then transfer them to iTunes and then transfer them to your iPhone / iPad.


Method 3:

Download the file to Dropbox. Once it is there, it can be heard on all your mobile devices.


The above applies ONLY for iPad / iPhone / iPod users.

On all other mobile phones and tablets, you can download directly.


In the event you do not received the email?

If you do not receive the email with your receipt in which the download link is found, check in your spam box.



Payment Terms


As a buyer, you must deliver a functional email address, into which you can receive the audio files you have purchased for download.

It is your responsibility to ensure that mail from do not end up in your spam filter.


Consciousness Shop (Stuart Peacock and Tina Hansen) can not take special precautions in relation to special spam filters or dis-functional mail addresses, so it is your responsibility to ensure that you receive mail from us and ensure the correct address.


You will receive a email receipt for your purchase, and it is your responsibility to save this.


On this website you used MasterCard, Visa and American Express, as a payment method. There can never be deducted an amount greater than your approved purchase price. The data you submit in connection with purchases paid with credit card is encrypted.


Recording data


Consciousness Shop does not store card number, expiration date or security code in web transaction, when your purchase has been completed.




Once purchased you automatically give up the right to return item(s). There shall be no right of return on digital products (such as e-books, audiobooks and mp3 files for download), when the download is started.

Refer to the "Law on Consumer Contracts § 18 paragraph. 2, no. 13 "

When purchasing digital products, you therefore consent to that you can not regret your purchase.




Touching Consciousness (Stuart Peacock and Tina Hansen) own all the rights to the supplied digital products and all material printed and digital.

Acquisitions obtaining the use of the digital product and material. The right of use is personal.

Products and materials shall be confidential and may not be distributed or disclosed to third parties. Products and material shall be used only for personal use.




The files you buy in the store are copyrighted, and the use of the files can be made only to the extent that it is expressly provided in this Agreement or under the provisions of the Copyright Act.

You may only use the files you buy from Consciousness Shop for personal use.

You may neither give, lend, exchange, sell, copy, reproduce, transmit or otherwise transfer the files to people outside of your household, and commercial use, rent, sale or public playing of the downloaded audio file is not permitted without the express agreement of Consciousness Shop (Stuart Peacock and Tina Hansen).


The above prohibition also applies to any personal copies of the files that you bought from Consciousness Shop. You may, however, transfer the purchased audio files to a portable music player, mobile phone, tablet or the like. Belonging to yourself or people in your household. The copy may under no circumstances be used for public performance.




In the unlikely event of errors or defects in the product you have downloaded you may send a complaint to Stuart Peacock This must be done within a reasonable time after the defect is discovered.

If experiencing problems when using the store, or if you have questions about purchasing email




These terms and conditions are written in English.


Consciousness Shop may freely choose whether all other communication (both oral and written), including the digital products must be in Danish, or English.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction


Discrepancies between Consciousness Shop and the buyer shall be settled by Danish law.

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