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Touching Consciousness

Stedet for spirituel udvikling. Trance kanalisering, kurser, terapi, rejser mm.


How to join, so I can become a member?


  1. Press Become a Member. (on each page there is a become a member button)

  2. Press subscribe

  3. Here you must choose between Paypal or another payment card.

  4. If you already have have a Paypal account, just type your password, press confirm and pay

  5. If you do not have a Paypal account, then tap pay with your credit/debit card, fill out the fields with your name, card information, address etc.


Once you have completed payment on Paypal you will atomaticaly be returned to our home page. You have now completed your membership procedure. You wil recieve a confermation email from Paypal, this is your reciet for payment.

As soon as we recieve our confirmation mail we will send you the code for members pages by email. 


Remember that you can always cancel your membership by clicking the unsubscribe button, and follow instuktionerne there.

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