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Become a Member


Once a member, you have access to the "library", that is, access to channeling,on many subjects, as well as some meditations


  • 2 new channelled sessions during the month, one first of the month and in the middle of the month *

  • Access to the discussion forum Your Spiritual Forum

  • 10% discount on courses and workshops

  • Continuous advantageous offers

          All for only 75kr. Month


* ie the library is continuously being expanded with new sessions.


"Channeled", courses and meditations, etc. will be on sale in our shop -






1 Prices

All prices include 25% VAT.


2nd Order confirmation / receipt

We recommend that you print the order confirmation / receipt that you receive as an email that. The order confirmation acts as your proof if complaints may be necessary.


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Become a Member


By becoming a member, you have  access to the "library", that is, access to channeled sessions and meditations


  • 2 new channeled sessions during the month, one on the beginning of the month and one in the middle of the month *

  • guided meditations

  • channeled courses

  • access to the dialogue forum “Your Spiritual forum”

  • 10% discount on courses, workshops and private sessions

  • Ongoing special offers


All for only 75Dkk. per month


* the library is continuously expanded with new sessions.


Your Spiritual Forum.


The purpose and desire of this forum is that we have a place where we can have a dialogue / chat about various topics that concern us. It may, for example, be a dialogue / chats about what has been said in the channeled sessions or other spiritual topics.

There is also an opportunity for dialogue / chat with Stuart and Tina and the other members.

It may be feasible to get input from more than just one person.

That way we can all help to share our experience.


You are thus an important part of a social environment that is built on openness, intimacy and loving togetherness.

We are happy to share this page with you.


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