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The success continues, this time we head for Scotland.

Come join us for 8 days filled with stone circles, waterfall, meditation, spiritual and sacred places and Qigong.

Feel the peace, find meaning and discover the energies in these stunning surroundings.

The American says: "Even before Christianity this place was revered as being a little bit spooky" (here he speaks on Iona).

Tina, Stuart and Emmelie support and guide you on your journey.

The journey is almost completly planned. So keep an eye on this page.

Here is a few absolute highlights.

IONA, this small island on the west of Scotland, the British Isles spiritual crib. Here are both the remnants of ancient stone circles and a Christian church.

Stone circles and Earthworks, we visit these ancient sacred sites and get an idea of what they can offer us today. Enjoy the sunrise over Castlerigg Stone Circle and look out over the mountains.

Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Yes, there is a Tibetan monastery in Scotland! It is the largest and first in the West outside Tibet and has been in Eskdalemuir in 47 years. We are given the opportunity to participate in the monks' day with meditation and prayers.

Nature, we are located in the middle of mountains, waterfalls and lakes. These landscapes have all their particular energy. We will practice Qigong'en out here where the air is fresh and clean.

Edinburgh, it will be possible to see some of the city

We look forward to sharing this journey with you. There will be an information meeting later this year.

Well met,

Tina, Stuart and Emmelie


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