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Touching Consciousness

The place for spiritual development. Trance channeling, courses, therapy, travel, etc..


Movement through something from point A to point B - a channel.


In my case, channeling is a communication through me, from a point that can be described in two different ways:


1 It occurs from a level of consciousness that is not my own, but from an "other" who is not on the same level. I access this level through an altered state of consciousness. The "other", the primary speaker, has been dubbed the American. Secondary speakers are Jock and Johan.


2nd communication comes from my own higher self, a place in me, that ordinarily I am not aware of, but becomes available through the altered state that I put myself into.


Both models of explanation are valid.


Channeling can be viewed as a way to disseminate knowledge. This should not be regarded as information from an infallible or omniscient source, but more information to help put things into a perspective that can help you further. Often these perspectives are surprisingly simple.


In our work here on the site, we have tried to relay information about human development and spiritual understanding and insight so that the recorded channelings or workshops / courses (either in video or audio), which are on the site are accessible and applicable for all.


There are 3 personalities (entities), who speak through Stuart.


The American: As he was jokingly named, the first time he came through, about 20 years ago.

He is loving, caring and very supportive, and excels in human relations. He's the one most people choose to talk to. He speaks English, but understands Danish.


Johan: Talking with a Scandinavian dialect. He seems more serious than the American, but is also very loving and supportive.


Jock: When he comes through, usually at the end of a session, when the others are finished speaking, he speaks only for a short time. He speaks with a Scottish accent, speaking very quickly, and on children's interactions with adults, and what we can learn from them.


Channelling options


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