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Touching Consciousness

The place for spiritual development. Trance channeling, courses, therapy, travel, etc..
Channeling options





There are several ways to experience my channeling :


You can hear them by being a subscriber to this site.You can listen to the "library". 


If you do not subscribe to the site, you can from the "Consciousness Shop" also buy some of the channeled sessions.


You can book a private session.


You can participate in a eveing chaneling session or a group session.



A private session


A private session is the most intimate process because only you and the channeled entity are witnesses to the process.

It is recommended to prepare well in advance. Be clear about what it is you like to speak about, write down all the questions, and remember to have them at hand.


Suggestions for Preparing:


Write down all the things that you think you need to talk about or want to ask about. It may be a very long list.


Then read through the list. Some of the questions you will be able to answer yourself, you can delete them, or have them as a supplement if there is time. Several other questions may be on the same subject - these you can try to put together as one question, which covers the topic.

In this way, you end up having a list that is more specific and clear, by doing this you will get the most out of your session.


Private sessions will be recorded for you and burned on CD or sent via the network. It is essential that you let me know if the recording does not work, since all private recordings are deleted after 3 days.


A remote session can be done on the phone or over the Internet (duration about 45 minutes). Remote sessions are booked by email at

Private sessions conducted "face to face" are often a little longer because of the time, which is used to provide reassurance to the process.


A session with Stuart has to be prepaid, there are no returns if canceled. Payment for the session is paid through Paypal by using the button on this page.

A session with Stuart cost 800Dkk (Approx $120 subject to change due to exchange rates) 


When payment is received we will contact you with possible times for your session. Danish standard time, GMT+1 hour. When you have confirmed the time, and payment is received you are ready for your session. We recommend that you read the section on preparing for a session. 


All sessions are the copyright of Stuart Peacock and may not be distributed in any way shape or form.







Channeling for a group:


An evening or three-hour experience where the channeling lasts approximately one hour.


It may be a theme that the group or organizer provides or an open session for questions and answers. These events are often quite social.


The process for Group sessions:


Introduction describing my experiences with channeling and how it came about that I became a trance channel, and insights into what that participants might experience. There is also time to ask clarifying questions about the process and your role. After this, the channeling it's self, and we conclude with tea / coffee, cake and sharing about the experience.


A channeled session for a group may be recorded as long as everyone is ok with it being recorded. If it is included, I make a CD or send it over the network to the organiser, who then sends it to those that are interested, in getting a copy.


If the channel is recorded and a copy sent or made available, be aware that this is privileged information and that it therefore should not be shared outside of the group.


Group sessions can be done through skype or Apple's Facetime.


Groupe sessions are subjekt to the same conditions as private sessions but kost 2000Dkk.


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